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James R Knaub. Meric -. Maybe there is something in the paper linked below, or in the references to that paper, that might help you. I am not familiar with the content that might most likely pertain to your project, but I believe the author to be very competent:. Proceedings of Statistics Canada Symposium Michael Brick.

Turkey online dating site

Some of the references are likely available on ResearchGate. Like this one:. Or other contributions under Mike Brick might help:. But again, in general, this is not my area, I'm just guessing you might find something there. I think he is rather busy, so I suggest you just look at his papers. Cheers - Jim. Koc University. Thank you James. Joel R Anderson.

Australian Catholic University. I've used Grindr before for data collection.

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  6. We created a researcher account and put a picture of the university logo as the user picture. We had some success this way using two recruitment strategies:.

    We had respondents. Of course, this relies on you having a budget.

    Meet gays in Istanbul

    Using the account, we formulated a script and contact nearby people who were online, with individual invitations to participate in the research. Eslen-Ziya, H.

    Being a gay man in Turkey: Good luck! Hannah L Harrison.

    Turkey Gay Websites Resources

    University of Guelph. Selecting study participants is always challenging, especially from a population that may not wish to be selected for the characteristics you are interested in i. I would also recommend the "researcher account" approach, as you will allow your study participants to self-select. You could also use snowball method also called key informant method and ask your self-selecting participants to identify others within their social networks who also use the dating app, thereby expanding your reach.

    By discreetly asking for study participants that is practically impossible to know if your selection is truly "representative" of the community as a whole. However, if you are interested in saturation of data content rather than representation across a total sample, you may be able to achieve that through interviews with your participants. The gay life of Turkey has been developing very rapidly since early 's mainly thanks to proliferation of internet usage and smart phones.

    Internet has helped gay community around the country combine and expand their activism efforts and has created a very liberal media for Turkish gay, lesbian and transgender people. Consequently hundreds of websites and social media pages have been published for the LGBT community in recent decades. The most popular gay and lesbian websites have been gay dating or chat websites in Turkey like in most other countries, but most of these websites expanded their contents in time to include gay news, info sharing, coverage of political issues etc. Furthermore, some nationwide popular, non-gay Turkish websites have assigned sub-pages and special gay chat channels for the local gay community.

    Gay dating site turkey

    For example the most visited website all over Turkey Mynet. Majority of the gay websites in Turkey are published in Turkish. During the same period, Turkish gay men have also started interacting with other gay people from all around the world, and there have been considerable developments in gay travel as well. The gay bars and clubs have also started publishing their own business websites which would have English pages for gay visitors from other countries.

    We are listing here the most prominent samples of websites or web-pages published in English, but remember these are just a drop of water in the sea when compared to hundreds of gay websites published in Turkish. Turkey Gay Resources Istanbul Gay Guide - Istanbul's city gay guide, chat, forum, guestbook, personals real gay and lesbian friendly hotels of Istanbul, private gay tours, other travel and city information and useful tips for gay men stranger to Istanbul.

    Gay friendly saunas, bath houses, historical hamams in Istanbul including location maps and visitors reviews.